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Mission Activities

What is the Mission of God?

From the beginning of time God has been developing His Great Plan – building His KINGDOM; a KINGDOM of people He can call His “friends” because they know Him and obey Him (St John’s Gospel chapter 14, verses 14-15). 

Today this KINGDOM spans the globe.  From a handful of people 2000 years ago to today when about 30% of the world’s population call themselves Christians (over 2 billion people, and growing fast!). 

In Britain alone the KINGDOM’S impact has been fundamental to its foundations; see Magna Carta, whose 800th anniversary we commemorated in 2015, and which is founded on the principles of God’s Word.

How can I be involved?

To be involved in God’s Mission we need to know Jesus Christ, who God sent into the world to bring us to Himself. Seek Him and you will find Him.  (Matthew chapter 7, verse 7). Knowing Jesus is vital for two reasons:

  • We need to do mission with Him, listening to Him and in the strength of His Holy Spirit.“Without me you can do nothing” (St John’s Gospel chapter 15, verse 5).
  • As we engage in KINGDOM building we are not only helping people with their practical everyday needs but helping them know Jesus for themselves so they too experience the “fullness of life” He offers us.

So how can I be involved!?

Be informed about mission activities around the world.  Pick one or two organisations you feel you can understand and read their literature or websites.  A good place to start is the mission network, Global Connections: http://www.globalconnections.org.uk/ 01926 487755 Email: info@globalconnections.co.uk

  • Pray:  Use your mission literature and let God guide your praying, which “can move mountains”! 
  • Give:  Money is a very valuable resource to missions and, used wisely, can bring huge benefit to the poor.  But remember we can give of our time and talents as well.
  • Go:  God is building His KINGDOM everywhere, from your community to “the ends of the earth”.  “Going” means stepping outside your comfort zone in obedience to Jesus.
  • Share:  Mission and KINGDOM-building is exciting, so share your experience with someone else!

Ashbourne Methodist Church currently supports a number of mission activities, including:


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