Pencil sketch showing school child going through front door of Ashbourne Methodist School, with text repeating the main page content.

Do you know a Wesleygog?

"Wesleygog" was a nickname for someone who went to the Methodist School in Ashbourne (also known as Wesleyan Methodist School).

On Saturday 10th March, Ashbourne Methodist Church will host a special evening all about the school which was based at the church until 1970.

From 6.00pm people are welcome to come to look around the old school, via the ramp from Station Road.

The main part of the evening will begin at 7.00pm in the Century Hall of Ashbourne Methodist Church.

Peter Dawson, who attended the school from 1953-1960 said, “I hope lots of ex-pupils will be able to come, so please spread the word. The event will also be interesting to anyone who would like to learn more about our local history.”

Refreshments will be served, including biscuits to remind you of your childhood! The evening is free, but donations towards Ashbourne Methodist Church's Link Development Project are welcomed.

More information about the evening is available from Jonathan Webb, 01335 360308.

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